Atomik Noize

The List –

NOMAD –  Retrowave Guitar RARE

7 Emporium – Atomic Commission Sign

Jordy wears

Meshmerized – Hipster Shirt (Paint)

Hipster Jacket (Plaid Blue)

Hipster Pants – Hipster (UK)

BALACLAVA!! – Old-Keys necklace

Punk… its something that you either get or you don’t. Of course that all depends what sort of “Punk” you mean.  I am talking about Punk as in fashion and lifestyle items. You don’t have to like Punk music to like Punk fashion.  There is a quote somewhere in Twitter that states that ” Punk is subjective. Don’t trust anyone who says “punk” with quotes, it means they think their version is right and yours is wrong.”  This much is true, what can’t be denied is Punk is about being anti- establishment, a cacophony of social noise what says “I am here, I hate this and this and what you gonna do about it?”  The Ramones, The Pistols and Generation X all brandishing the Anarchy flag stating “Punk is not Dead”

In Second Life, Punk is Dead, at least maybe its sleeping… who knows.  It’s hard to see Punk living in harmony in creators events , where the majority tastes of shoppers is in pastel shades, a truck load of gender-specific items and shabby hipster chic. I love events but I hate how so much are female gender specific.   I am not against pastels but I hate “pasteltude!”   Pastletude summons up memories of my sisters summer dresses, picnic napkins and dare i say it… my drama teachers toe-less leg warmers, a horrid fashion item of the time.   I am a boy of the 80’s, brash colors were still in style and pastels if any, were disguised under florescent neons and glow in the dark. Who needed pastels?  Pastels were for girls.

So in respects, when items come along that lends a hand to creating  something more tailored to a style genre that’s grungy, with rips, tears and general distressed fabrics are somewhat anti- establishment. The ethic of punk… punk lives !!

Who would have thought that?

I myself don’t lend to a style, I can’t as I am an SL kid. Denying yourself change and opportunity to be random and sporadic, would be as anti kid like as you can be.  I like to be that person who says they are gonna go Vegan, lick a tofu block to make you feel the part and go off to guzzle 3 bacon sammiches afterwards. And if that’s your thing, then why not… no rules in how one should dress (within reason).

My wear for this month has been pretty much the Meshmerized Hipster outfit – I really love this set as well as the Black paint version for my more “Emo” moods.  When you go in-store and find the Hipster vendors, you are immediately given choice to mix and match , everything close by so you can gauge which pants will go with what top etc. This is the shopping I like to do, I am not lazy but I do like to get what I want quickly and leave to create an outfit without having to roam around the store to find and guess. Close by items are easy compare textures and shades.

I love the attention to detail on the folds of the sleeves, the muted paint splatters on the material and the jeans… well Meshmerized jeans get better with every version made.  They come with a welded on belt that adds to detail. These are pretty awesome and I incorporate the Hipster Jeans in a few clothing folders.  So jeans alone are a must have… even if you have one pair of jeans, it will lend itself to many outfit changes. So go out and buy a pair and support kid creators. For the full effect, the whole Hipster outfit is pretty cool all round and an outfit you will return to a lot as daily wear.

Accessories came from Balaclava in the form of the Old Keys Necklace. I have a hard time finding great necklaces that fit around our necks and shoulders properly. The Old Key Necklace is one such item and is pretty kid like. Most kids have a fascination for old keys, wondering what secret doors it may open . It is a cool find all round.

For the set I used the Atomic Commission sign from Seven Emporium , which was originally a Fifty Linden Friday item.  I love Agustov’s items, they are always grungy, realistically distressed and weathered and often ( if you look close), incorporates graffiti and slight vandalism to his items. The Atomic sign was no disappointment, very retro and had a Fallout game theme to it. I love the whole 50’s vibe anyways, it was a winning item.

Seven Emporium is possibly my favorite creator in Second Life , a place which is shared equally by Pira from Nomad. For the finishing addition, I added the wearable version of Nomads Retrowave guitar. Hahaha… ok so its Pink, candy gloss pink; which reminds me of the times I admitted to owning records by the group Poison . Remember we are going anti – establishment here !!  Is this excuse working??
The guitar was a Rare item in Nomads Retrowave gacha. You can find it in the main store along with past other gachas in the Nomad collection.

Rock is Dead, Punk is Dead  but as in the words of Poison. ” Don’t need nothing but a good time, And it don’t get better than this!!”


Interstellar Arrival (or No pants Tuesday)

The Interstellar Arrival


The List-

Underwear  – ZWEAR White Briefs

Hair by Dura  – BG71

Soy- Rustic Shack

Trees and greenery by Skye Studios

Area 51 sign by ninety



I have a friend who always talks about a fictional day he has termed “No Pants Tuesday”. Now as much as I like to encourage my friend into some of his wild ideas, parading around with no pants on in Second Life is a grey affair. It’s something I don’t do normally as some people have huge hang ups about kids  running about in underwear.

I was always running around in my underwear when I was little. Truth be told I hated PJs and pretty much refused to wear them as soon as i reached school age. Bed is warm as it is, like you need more clothing to cook you like a sausage roll?? So I don’t see an issue in wearing underwear, I have them in RL and here is no exception.

So to be honest, dressing in only my underwear is a rare occurrence , more so when I decide I should dare to be brave enough to photograph myself in a pair .  This was such an occasion, because it was fitting to the scene and to the subject of the photo topic.

Talking of which…

My photo was inspired by  two things – one a recurring dream I have had since I was little. Aliens and the Greys really give me the shivers, far more than ghosts, zombies and monster movies put together. There is something about beings who you cannot stop, will creep into your house or beam you up to do as they will. Medical experiments or simply observing us against our will… it is frighting.  The other inspiration came from the a story from Witley Stribers Dreamland  podcast, in which during one broadcast talked about lost children who return from alleged UFO abductions; some of which return not seeming themselves but almost not themselves . So why in your underwear Jordy?

Well it seems that oddly enough, that aliens create evidence that the scene of your abduction has been “staged” to look as if nothing happened, but a few incorrect details might be noticeable. For example, if you went to bed wearing pajamas, you may wake up nude or dressed in only underwear, with the pajamas folded up neatly and placed at the foot of the bed. You may even wake up in the wrong room of the house. If you were abducted from your car, you may find that items in the car or in the trunk have been moved around. Hence the reason for parading in my skivvies…

OK with that all cleared up, lets get to the items.

Clothing was a simple affair, pair of underwear…sorted. Easy choice you would think?

Not so, children’s underwear in SL that is well textured can be hit  or a miss. I have seen many styles over the years , mostly the same SMB mesh templates and often in arrays of gaudy cartoon prints. Not that cartoon prints are bad per se, its just not everyone cup of tea. When I chanced on Zwear Underwear, it was an instant buy.

These underwear are not only affordable , they are also well  textured with a slightly perforated cotton pattern and  in several plain colors. My only gripe on them was that in certain angles, my butt would show through them if i sat down in them. That’s not the fault of the underwear, but more the issues of the poor optimization of the SMB body HUD cutaway sections. As long as you don’t sit down and to be honest, sitting in your underwear is not exactly social… so its fine.


The Dura BG 71 hair is my latest favorite style, although I go through days of asking people ” Do you like this on me?”. I get differing views , from “you look cool” to ” I can’t see your eyes”. So I change between two different styles. What I never deviate from is the brand. With me it’s Dura every time, I love the hair and I love how they are textured, how they can be modded through edit mode for “fine tuning”, unlike some all in one mesh hairs.

So to the props on the set..

I love anything to do with space or extra-terrestrials. So whenever an item comes up in a gacha I want , I am normally on Marketplace grabbing an item if I can.  One of the finds was the area51 sign from ninety, which stands to direct unsuspecting rednecks away from proposed landing sights (as well as something to cover my bashfulness). Aliens can be bashful too… don’t you know ?

Surrounds of the plants, trees and grass came from the natural wonders of Skye Studios.  If i need an outdoor scene, these are the first things I go for (although Botanical are another fav of mine). The bark on the scots pine set is very realistic.

The cabin from Soy , was a rare item in a past gacha called Mountain Retreat, which was an item from a past Shiny Shabby round. Unfortunately my picture covered most of it , darn the rules of the forest and nature I suppose 🙂

It is a nice looking building and low impact, standing at 22 li, so it don’t break the prim allowance on a parcel . Although I am not used to Soy, I was admittedly not a fan at the start, as some mesh builds would never load at distance and required a high LOD on the rendering side. But the recent urban concrete builds have grown on me and i love them a lot. Some items are pretty high Li though, which puts them out of reach for small parcel builds . The Cabin is pretty good though and texturing is easy on the eye, which is great for a livable gacha item if you can find one now for a good price in flea markets or try your luck at the Soy instore gachas.

Gotta scoot, I have things to do, 4 beam ups and 2 cow abductions… its gonna be a long day

And if you see a boy running around in his underwear, be nice. It may just be no pants Tuesday on Andromeda!!




When someone puts an orange in your exhaust pipe!!

Left 2 my Own Devices original with lights - Copy



AS much as I hate drama, sometimes peoples selfishness arrives on your doorstep. And sometimes when you have had enough, you talk about it. Today is going to be one of those days 🙂
I had a very interesting message sent to me via a fake Flickr account yesterday, its content stating what a bad person I was. Apparently and I quote from Sh****z134 ( I won’t put full names out for gentlemanly reasons), that I was in no certain words ” An Ahole for fighting with a great pillar of the SL photo community and that I should stop posting my work, that nobody likes what I do and my photos are …” well I won’t repeat the rest 😛
To this point now I am pretty angry but I am composing myself. I should in all respects give this person no real serious thought but after a year of pretty horrible actions towards my person, I  have decided to go public and put an end to it. Simply because I am tired of being portrayed as some low life villain. So now is the time to put some home truths down and end this issue once and for all. Am I worried about doing this, yeah I am . I know a few people will be very upset over what I have to say, but I don’t feel its right to say nothing and sit in silence over something that affects another. So here goes!!


Before I start, lets get this urban myth out.  YES… It is of no secret that I have a long running feud with another SL kid on Flickr who is in all context, is far more popular with the adult community than any other SL kid in Second Life. This feud has been going on for a good year and a half and does not look as if it will repair itself, certainly not with me until there is some honesty spilled in the matters pertaining to its very conception and thereafter. It was not always like this, we were once reasonably good friends. Things do change however and although friendships can overcome so many  obstacles, there is only so much it can take when it can become a step too far. And this is where the problems stemmed. So before more hate mail starts pouring in, I would like the opportunity to tell my side of the story. Because whatever is flying around is grossly exaggerated and very one sided. So if I may be allowed, I would like to clear some matters up so 2016 is not as bad as 2015 was.

This beginning of said feud started (not by me), but some guy (who later manifested to be a friend of the person I do not get on with) who decided it would be a great idea to highlight one persons work over another. To be clearer on this issue, to highlight someone elses work over mine. Normally its cool to bring up similarities in people, especially if they are good.  I don’t mind sharing a stage with someone, in fact I think its very flattering. What I had issues with was the way it was executed, as this mystery blog commentator had no real interest over what I was creating, he had never liked my pictures before or after. I found it a little too suspicious and too calculated for it to be a spontaneous remark.   I also felt reading between the lines, that the message was pretty clear as to more or less imply “Jordy’s photo is ok , they are similar (ie they are kids) but I like this one person better, have you seen his work yet?”.

Admittedly It was not the best of work, compared to some people I look up to on Flickr It put my stuff to shame. Somehow I like to think I put some effort in. Also if I receive an award for something, I am proud someone else likes it. Of course my suspicions were already confirmed, as the said commentator months later started offering the other person opportunities and yes you guessed it… I was still sitting on my own learning photo programs. Perhaps I was not good enough and that was ok, but it sure was a low down punch. Especially as I really don’t hold kudos or influence to warrant an intervention as that.  After that I felt really used, to the point I broke contact with said SL kid who was being advertised.  Why… ? Because I know for sure that no matter if I asked for an explanation, nothing would change. I would have been fed some excuse that nobody knew anything and it just happened. Things rarely happen without a reason in my book. 

The other factor, well I thought the person had changed. He was certainly very charming to the right people yet smug to his kid friends at the attention he was getting. I don’t look for that and I certainly don’t expect my friends to do that. Then it all moved on to me becoming a threat, someone to over throw his place and having some as he put it” master plan to hurt him”. It was total nonsense, because in the end he was worried someone was creating decent enough pictures, a kid avatar and this apparently this = threat. In my own mind the real reason was I am an old account kid, that he wanted to trash anything that was related to his past away from what he deems “his world”.

It was not easy, it’s never easy letting friends go and I felt bad about it. We had both come from very similar backgrounds, we wanted more for ourselves, far more then the SL kids community at the time could offer us. We had a bit of spirit bonding, so it was never all bad . I had supported and took his side when he was having difficulties with another family and much more besides. I thought we had a bit of a bond, but in hindsight we did not. Where it broke was how we differ in how we value things and people of our past, in that respect we are chalk and cheese. But one thing you never do is allow your friends to be overstepped, even by people wishing you to succeed somewhere. If that happens, then its not a friendship at all and you simply become a pawn in some game.

And it is here that I now fully understand why the kid community (mostly among boys with older accounts) REALLY thinks about him, but to make a little point I will. Most kids just have to have to mention the debacle of SL5B and a certain name crops up continually in negativity. Mostly with an undercurrent of similar behavior mentioned of which I will go into further. For sure none us are angels, some really take more than their fair of the cookies when the jar is handed round. Kids back then were mad on power and some people craved it. Some older accounts still do and some will go out of the way to trap other kids, report them for nothing more than power. It can be quite toxic, sharks in a very small pool, some really cold and cheap tactics going on and trust issues are rife. It is not the ideal place people make it out to be. I have several kid friends who actually bought a sim to live on, they rarely go out to kid clubs etc because they they are fully switched on how it is.

Now as of SL5b and what other kids told me in the past,  I now have had to experience some of the manipulation that possibly saturated in there by said person. One of which having my name pretty much slandered to various creators,magazines and even other people, so they wouldn’t touch me with a barge pole. Lord knows the pile of nonsense he fed on me to make me look so bad ( yes that info was leaked by a reliable source).  He blew a tantrum when I appeared at a party hosted in a set of sims, just appearing innocently at a party. He more or less started a long winded story as I was “Out to hurt him and treading on his homelands” and so demanded I was banned. In short using other people to do his dirty work, with little other evidence other than hearsay and one sided stories. That is until people are turning on each other, while he I may add… sits trying to look innocent.  Pretty unfair and highly unjustified but this is nothing new, it’s history repeating itself. Yeah SL5B all over again, it takes an old school kid to know an old school kid and that’s all to say on that. 

If that was not enough , I have been banned from several Flickr groups by this person misusing his position as a guest moderator. His reasons being justified as by” being a moderator, it is my prerogative to ban people who are out to hurt me”.  Imagine if someone blew your entire work on Flickr groups in less than 5 minutes, obliterated in an “out of sight and out of mind” context, no explanation to why, not even telling the other moderators or the owner of the group why.  Not only is that selfish but its totally evil. It’s also not about art or creativity either. It’s about issues and hidden agendas, misusing a position to destroy people over problems manifested by themselves. What is equally amazing is that because of said feud, I seem to get the flack among some people of being the worst kid on the grid. I don’t think this is very fair or correct.

Now after coming face to face with actual malicious text from mystery people, what really irks me more is that other people get involved (not the first time I may add). When this happens it  becomes a platform of unequal tactics, more seriously a very hidden form of Cyber Bullying.  If you read the definition of cyberbully, you get a myriad of certain traits that one or others can manipulate to get what they want. This goes all the way from exclusion (which I have experienced), all the way to working to intimidate, put down, falsely discredit, or humiliate a person.  In Second Life, there should be no place for that. If you had asked me a year ago if  Cyberbullying is apparent in the SL Flickr community, I would have trashed the notion. After being subjected to it now and having more information on why and where the anger lies, I am more in tune to say it exists.  So at this point I would like to say to all the adoring fans of this person I am feuding with is this…

I am not trash, nobody on SL Flickr is trash. No art is bad either, it is subjective to everyone.  For my own pictures, the fun I have is creating them. I don’t have many freebies thrown at me to blog apart from the ones that some very cool people have given me (someone already has cut that opportunity for me many times over).  Instead I feed money back into the SL economy and thus aid other creators to make more things, I feature things I like the look of and enjoy. So no, I won’t stop creating stuff I enjoy and appreciate.

My interests aim to give the kid community things to be proud of, I help people when I can and I like creating and building. I don’t get handouts, I don’t get leg-ups to do what I do.  I don’t have tons of very influential friends handing over everything while I sit there coasting on my influence to get it. I work really hard and as a reward, I get amazing advice from some really good friends when I am stuck and some very loyal people in my life. I even suggest some great bloggers on Flickr to other creators, to feature new creations in photos. I try open networks for people and passing opportunities where I think people would do great partnerships. I do all of this without belonging to any club, group or particular social circle. That is my lot… I am a simple, ordinary, run of the mill SL kid who likes to do more in his SL world. So why all the flack and how come after all that, that I am so very bad  ??

Well to start I guess he feels he has nothing to lose, top of his game and everyone taking his word as gospel. I am nothing in the grand scheme of things, he can do what he likes be it manipulative or not and simply hide behind a myriad of people. To be honest I don’t know the real intentions, I only know of the backlash. But I just want to say, after everything I have experienced. The question I want to ask is this…

For all the atmosphere surrounding someone so innocent and so apparently sweet. Is this really the behavior and nurturing environment that befits the appearance of a homely 7/ 8 year old boy?

I think not. We are not really children, we are mere reflections of children. What controls us are adults and this is the point. This is not kid related thoughts in any way or form, people need to stop buying into that and seeing what goes on from a better perspective. Take the kid form away and its an adult, sorry but it is. And if an adult was doing something malicious to hold another back over some personal reason, whispering behind closed doors to make another look less credible, be it against a friend, a relative or a loved one or yourself. You would not stand for it and I am not standing for it.

I have met some pretty nice people through Flickr, that keeps me going and puts faith in a great community.  Some people I like are associated with this person, it don’t bother me if they are. I see people for who they are and not who they friend with but I respect boundaries, something I cannot say for the other party.  I slowly get more opportunities to take part in things as I go and that to me is the best, it’s a challenge to prove myself and work on things and really exciting. Unfortunately some people choose to spoil that by creating barriers, that is life i guess. But when it comes to people threatening you, calling you all sorts of names and not having the fairness to be upfront, it becomes a very different story.

Am i upset about it,not because what someone will say about me (I take that with a pinch of salt). What I do worry about is the negativity that manifests in what should be an enjoyable environment and hobby. It is not a competition, yet some may believe it to be so. More importantly though is if such actions are not talked about, things will never change and get better for everyone in the long run.

And as for the person in question, if you are reading this I want to say this much. I am sorry it has to come to this, but really enough is enough. If you are smarting over me not talking to you etc, then you know there are steps you can do to make it right. All you have to do is the right thing and be honest about a few things, sort the wrongs and be seen to solving them in the morally correct way. I won’t tell you what they are, you know yourself. Flickr and SL in general is an amazing place to see what people think is unseen, people don’t always hide clique mentality well especially when its been manipulated. I will let you think on what I mean by that.  But creating the atmosphere as you have done was bad from the beginning, you know it and I know it.  If your bothered about our situation as you clearly are, do something positive to solve it rather than the negative you have been up to. Then things might change.

So yeah… i’m going to take a long drive, overdose on root beer and a giant cookie and put it down to experience.


Ch Ch Ch CH… Changes!!!

Z Squad - The Recruit (1 of 1) - Copy

I am once again on the praise of Liva Pinafarina this week.  This time regarding another super creation she has made, which I like very much. The item in question is a new set of mesh hands, that are compatible with the Super Mesh Brothers Body.

In a previous post, I talked a little bit on my many grumbles on the Super Mesh Brothers Body and the issues stemming from wearing it. One of such rants were the issues of the hands and fingers of the original SMB design.  Now as I start to write on this subject again, I am sure some kids out there will be saying “Oh god him again, always ranting about something”  Well this is true, my issue is as I openly make no secret of my aspergers, it also makes me very aware and actually hone in to imperfect things.  If I make a mistake myself , it’s something that nags on my brain. So it royally buzzes.  You know it’s there, you can’t hide it and thus  you do your best to disguise it. The other side to that coin is, if there are pitfalls and things to learn from, it is better as a community to help each other out so we can all benefit from others experiences. So it’s not nagging per say, its “driven” information. 🙂

Ok so back to the hands… well now a solution has been created which substitutes the SMB existing (claws) hands with something that looks quite good, once you get it all colour matched with your skin. Now before you go off to rush to buy one, stop and wait a bit. There is more!!

The new Liva hands although a wonderful improvement, does not mean you have a seamless join for that all over perfect look. The hands do need a something to hide the joins, be it a watch or bangle/ bracelets etc. Now if you are the sort of person who wears such things religiously, then you have no problems. If you are like me and maybe wear a watch as an accessory occasionally, then a bit of choosing to wear a second bit of left/ right wrist bling are important.  Either that or long sleeve tops should be no issue as long as you try demos, to see which are compatible. For the moment I use a bracelet from tapi :: cashmere wrap (brat) , of which the design is really nice, close knit cords and is a great looking item all round. My other chosen find is a Sleepy Eddy Military wristwatch, which were available at an Arcade gacha event.

At the time of writing this blog, Sleepy Eddy do not seem to have a mainstore and thus no gacha machine to get hands on one. Shame really, as the watches are pretty good with nice textures & working time hands that register SL time.  Best bet is to source marketplace or the gacha flea markets.

I have only had my new hands a week, I am still testing and outfit creating to see what goes with them or not. My biggest change is having to possibly wearing wrist accessories with most of my short sleeve clothing, which admittedly is a hard habit to break.  This is not because I hate such things, it’s just getting them to fit found the shape of the arms to look right.  I hope that I can find some good items as I go and hopefully…  blog on any lucky finds I come across that suit these new hands. I think I jolly well should, as these fingers are cute, stubby  little digits as kids do have. Slink hands are great but too well manicured for kids hands for my tastes, so these fit my needs really well. Add to the fact  they come with a nice easy to use colour HUD system for both skin and nails. So it’s worth breaking a few cosmetic habits to venture into your avatar.  Great stuff!!

So I give this set of hands two well formed Thumbs Up, it won’t really replace my needs of a totally new Body which I desperately wish to have but… this is a good direction step.

Talking of change I saw a great little quote last week, which reminded me of a friend on SL that did exactly this for me at a time when I was literally drained of SL.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Around 8 months ago, I created a photography / scenic sim called Lost Town ( you can view using the Flickr page Flickr to lost town ), which was a joint work with myself and my friend Rwah.  Looking back I can honestly say I was proud of what I had achieved, not because of what I had built but the fact I had managed to do it at all.  At the time I had recently left a community I had been part of for a long time, under some very distressing and unfair terms.  To the point that there is still a lot of mutual disdain among those involved even today . If that was not bad enough, I had also felt I had been let down by a friend, who in my mind allowed someone to overstep and devalue something I was proud of to better his own work.  So yes, I was not in the greatest of places as I felt… well cheated of a lot of things. I won’t make a secret of it, I have been involved with a good amount of drama in my time (who hasn’t?). My point is that I feel if someone or something is worth fighting for (and as long as it’s justified in full facts), then it’s fair game. Unfortunately you will get people who don’t like to be finger pointed at their own faults, thus you have massive disagreements and often they go unresolved. This causes initial issues to become bigger and that’s when drama starts.

Letting go of people who cause you distress, hurt and deliberate drama is not a very hard thing to do, but if you are not careful a lot of the residual resentment eats you up inside. It causes an obsession of looking over your shoulder, negatively associating people due to the company they keep (the saying “You are only as good as the company you keep” comes to mind). It was not a good frame of mind to be in I assure you.

I remember being ready to give up when Rwah being herself, sat me down and told me in no certain terms “To not give a care about what people think, only care what people think when they want you to succeed, not fail. If people don’t like you for being yourself, who cares, let them” . She was right and I thank her to this day for pulling me out my own pit. I learned to ease up a bit, let the old stuff go but always be aware of the ongoing issues when you see them. In other words, you can have change if people support you from the word go. If you place yourself in an environment that allows you to make your own decisions and opinions, then the only person stopping you is yourself. It’s good to let go, it’s good to forgive but not forget and simply move on to what interests you in-world.

So over the past 6 months has been a very cathartic time for me, there has been lots of good changes.

.:ZiSP:. is back  and has been a very fun and enjoyable creative opportunity of which I am blessed to have. Having finished one outfit and well on the way to competing another project ( affectionately code-named  Z -Troop), that is something really cool to look forward to in the fall.

I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with Henry Haystack from Snips and Snails on his last Arcade Gacha products, which was fun to do as well as a learning experience ( yeah I broke the never working with children rule… more changes but nice ones )

Still working on photos and having a good time learning Photoshop, I am not Picasso but if I can do some odd Dali moment, I am more than happy

My move to Dystopia I hope will allow me to do some fun events via Flickr shortly, when I will open Zorgon Comics officially for people to come see and take part what goes on there.

To close…  I want to say that Second Life is a great catalyst, it allows us to be the people we are, be it creatively and even down to how we look. You cannot fully escape your own personality within your avatar – it is literally a Second Life and not a Second Chance at Life. What Second Life does afford you, is to meet people and share interests and friendships that you would never possibly meet in Real Life.  Like it or not, Second Life changes us in many ways, some for better and some for worse (if we so allow it). The important part is that any change must come from yourself and that good changes are influenced from people who genuinely care. Do these people exist? Yes!!  You just have to find them.

Good friendships go a long way and is a very rare commodity in Second Life. If you have it, respect it and value it. When you get it… it’s like having lobster, you never go back to fish sticks after 😛

You Missed a Bit !! :)

The Midnight Painting Raid 2.2a

It’s another day in kidsworld, yeah you know that place for little people.

Before I start with todays blog, I want to highlight this superb body paint system for the Super Mesh Bros body that is created by Liva Pinafarina. Now if you are an SL kid and you do not know of Liva’s work, then you are either a snail or been living in a shell for a while. Wait…that makes you a snail!!

Okays well… Liva has been instrumental in keeping the SMB body alive for boys and girls (more so for girls which I tell her off for :P). Liva kindly gave me a copy of this paint system and it is really cool, I mean there is paint behind the knees, on fingers and toes and even on the soles of your feet. It is detail all the way. Although they are not for sale at this time of blogging, they will be soon I would think so… keep your eyes open for it hitting marketplace.

Although such cool things of this quality are hard to find for kids, when they appear I appreciate them. I really adore Liva for sticking by the body as she has and creating clothing for it. Liva you have a super winner for this paint system and thank you for creating it. More so thank you for sticking by those who chose to stay by the SMB body. And with such products happening for kids, then why should it be not the case for kids not to be kids. Kids stuff should be fun, daring, stupid, care-free and less about what stuffy adults think. I better watch what i say, Nanny McPhee has been lurking on the WordPress, so I whisper as quiet as I can 🙂

But yeah I really adore this, much more so that it’s keeping the kids world alive with stuff.  So much so we bought one for Beau, its important to keep kid designers supported!!

ZiSP creates stuff and I often go out buying other kids clothes. Liva often does the same. It’s great that the community grown from SMB has a great network vibe happening, other people could learn a thing or two from it.

If you got 10 minutes and you are bored…


If you have 10 minutes to spare, bored and need a bit of cuteness in your life. Then you should head over to the Hello Kitty Chanrio web site and create a likeness of yourself.

The link to the website to create your own chanrio at the website is  Here

A handy guide in English can be found on this page Guide to creating a Chanrio

Once you have one, I have a little page on Flickr for Second Life residents to post a chanrio of their likeness.

A link to the Flickr post site is Here

I would love for people to post in the group and make themselves seen , let’s see how many chanrio Second Life likenesses we can get in one collection. 🙂

Tell your friends, pass the word around and overload the group in cuteness .

SMB… where do we go from here?

Atomoboy - Pint Sized Atom Bomb!!!

Around a month ago I ventured ZiSP into what was a very tricky testing ground for a new product. The latest outfit, the Interplanetary Scout Suit (being the newest in the collection) has moved on from the styles of the older suits in my stores range. The scout suit caters for three types of mesh body, one for my own which comes from Super Mesh Brothers and the others for the adult male and female bodies from “The Mesh Project”.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen more and more mesh bodies come into SL as a consumer trend. They look better than the old SL classic avatars for sure, some very realistic. What I never realized until later, that there were many different bodies for sale. All of them very different and yeah, none of them actually compatible with each other. This makes mesh bodies a minefield and a very expensive trial and error, worse if you are actually trying to design for them. For a start anyone who wants to create for a body should do some research, in particular as which are the most popular bodies. From what I find for ladies, Maitraya leads the way both with wearers and designers and that is because the mesh is fitted and in some opinions, the tmp is the inferior product. Of all the adult ladies I know, most wear maitraya and I have a LOT of token “aunties” haha.

I personally have the tmp adult male body which was a full 5000 linden dollars worth. I still don’t feel its worth that amount of money because the mesh flickers somewhat and never fully joins up, the HUD although simple enough to use could actually be more simple, the customer service is not very customer friendly and the shopping experience totally over the top with shopping huds and style huds. Ok yes boutique style but for Second Lifes wonderful knack of server lags, lsl language issues and so on, a simple prim with a vendor script would suffice thanks and is far more secure. In saying that, the experience of using mesh bodies has allowed me more experience in them and what makes a body a winner or a stinker.

The same could not be said for SL children and the choices they get, which up until recently had been down to two contenders. I choose to wear the SMB body, as I find out of the two it is more anatomically correct for a shape proportion. But lets be honest, the SMB life is now getting more than past it. Its becoming a very dead duck and needs to die out sooner than later, so Second Life children clothing can move on and move on quickly and more importantly, with a stable platform to create for.

SMB did open up a new phase for child avatars to be realistic people and do normal things, like beach trips without that unsightly ridged SL body. It gave us fingers and toes and it was a godsend. But there were downsides, for a 1200 linden dollar body we were given a HUD that was very fiddly to use and often not precise enough. The feet and ankle layer were at best fuzzy and mismatched from the body, fine tuning was hit or miss no matter how hard you tried. This was later repaired by using Liva feet for children which are a super product and I recommend anyone to get them. But the worst for me… the very very worst was my gimpy thumb, the one that remains forever squashed for eternity. The other faults include the neck areas going discolored under various windlights , a neck design which also changed from previous versions which caused the wearer to alter facial and head features to form into the body rather than the other way around. Yeah it was far from perfect and even with the last updates, it created more problems than the last (the body alpha as testament to that)

No matter what, these problems do not look like they will repair soon if ever. The SMB body is now well over a year (or more) since its last update, with the creator nowhere to be seen or heard from since. So yes, I for one am more than annoyed that this disappearance happened, not for the creator as people can come and go from Second Life as they please. What has annoyed me is that the product was left with so many faults needing repaired in the first place, that a creator should leave it when people needed the update most. Worse still is the product and its clothing creator percentage system is still for sale, this is pretty pointless and all its doing is feeding a system that obviously has no intention of ever resurrecting. I disagree with this very much as if this happens, then a creator should be around to maintain the body that the system is based around. Money being placed in an account, no answers, no feedback no nothing for an overtly long time… is really poor respect for customers.

But I am an old-school kid, I come from a background where over time you get used to observing the idiosyncrasies of your environment and the people inside it, and I was honestly not surprised it happened because it had happened before on other projects, under the same creator and under various guises. And before someone says it, no this is not being bitchy, it’s being honest. If you don’t believe me, do your homework and if you are at me because you feel you need to support any retort through blind loyalty, think again. I am sick to the back teeth of a small section of “old account boys networks” defending really poor actions of friends, rather to the good of other people of which such actions affect negatively. So yes, it has to die and for that we do need someone to create a new body, that is compatible with existing clothing and yet 100% better than before.

The good news is from what I have heard from a good source, is that a new body that is compatible with the SMB body is on the cards and being created. How far along the lines it is unclear and I for one would love more info on it, especially if I could blog about it. I had a few suggestions for one of the creators, we will see if my suggestion makes it into the finished article but I am not telling what I asked for LOL. I guess we wait and see if my wish appears on the final body. But even if not, I would be more than happy just to have perfect fully formed feet and hands, that are all in one and not additional add-ons. A neck that forms seamlessly (or as close as) with my head with no texture issues. Oh boy that’s a dream come true.

If they can solve all of these issues with a body, I will be throwing my lindens at them left, right and centre. All I can say is to those in the process of creating this new body is take time over it, get it right first time and the need for updates will be small minor ones. I am sure it will but lets see what comes out from this.

I am very excited this product is on the cards and for me is double good news, as I have seen numbers of smb compatible ZiSP scout suits slowly creep up in sales. Now for me it’s not the sale that’s important , what is important is to see if my investments of time, organization and the ideas that go into it are worth doing more. If they continue to do so I will be really pleased, because it will allow me to develop another challenge and have something with quality that kids can own. I have always said my stuff is not for everyday wear (although you can if you want), but for kids who love adventure, role playing, creative fun – i.e kids stuff. If this continues, I will be able to start off another massive kid outfit project to go even further, something that reflects my love of fictional adventure scenarios

In the past it was Second Life adults were the ones that bought ZiSP suits in greater number, as much as every 12 adults to one SL kid. This in the beginning was a shrewd move to cater in at least an adult size as it allowed for what i call “discovery sales”. This was the reason why it was natural for ZiSP to continue the pattern of adult clothing within its range.  ZiSP always has been for kids and the ideas for them are inspired for kids from the word go. The sad part in that is that had I depended on kid sales, I would be questioning putting anything on MP. Had sales been better, I could have concentrated to creating more advanced ideas and braver projects that were exclusively for SL kids.

The reasons for low sales could be many and I know of a few reasons, some of which are personal. The others are that in honesty, Kids historically have this label that they really don’t spend a lot on clothing and such like. I know a small minority do, they are very meticulous about looks and stuff. Girls seem to have it right, they want clothing, they want stuff. TD kids have a thriving creative community too and buyers to match.  This just leaves us with boys… Well if I look on it, it seems that most boys must be happy sitting in the same clothes all week or dressed in underwear all day. As much as this is possibly great realistic roleplay, it’s not exactly leaving much to imagination.

I have seen some boys buying the new suits and that is really cool, rest assured I bet you you look 100% dashing. (if you are not sure I will send some token aunties for a second opinion) :P. If you have bought one, be sure to give me some feedback. Its always good so I know what to change for the next project.

But this is a really nice turn of events, I hope that this is something that will continue because it allows motivation to create something new. And yeah I love a challenge, give me a good reason to develop another and more importantly… concentrate on more kid geared creations.

So I am the the spawn of everything unholy, talk to my agent!!

The Naughty Corner

When an individual, a sect, a clique or a nation hates and despises another individual, sect, clique or nation, he or they simply do not know the objects of their hatred. Ignorance is at the bottom of it.

Blog Talk

If there is one thing in S.L that will surefire deem anyone to be branded difficult, it’s being honest and standing up for yourself.

Ignorance is always at the bottom of it, as long as you are “nice”, don’t stand up for yourself, don’t look to closely at the scorch marks on the freshly painted wall and above all don’t question things, then you get on fine. Everyone will love what you do, even though your intentions are further from your apparent personality.

The best people I have ever met have been the ones who were loners, some often harsh, shy, truculent, abrasive and spiky in nature. What they never had in social manners or comfort in large social numbers, they were in all respects real people.

Always remember, there is no such thing as drama, there is only demons

If people can’t understand or cope with demons, people should learn not to create situations to make them !!

The Picture

I had this sign sitting in my inventory for ages. I never got round to doing anything with it, until someone prompted me to do this (after they said I looked slightly Damien Omen )
So yeah… here you go !!
Laugh expense is on me for the week 😛

Haha, I really like this new look though, I’m gonna stick with it!!
Without the horns or evil eyes of course… or will I?


[we’re CLOSED] Bare trees
[we’re CLOSED] shrubs
[MF] Antique rotunda
7 emporium – Neon Jesus Saves Sign RARE
7 emporium – Little Red Wagon
Kalopsia – Voodoo Doll – Curse
Kalopsia – Voodoo Doll – Luck
Kalopsia – Voodoo Doll – Love
Kalopsia – Madame Shae Dee’s Letter

Countdown To Arcade Sept 2014



It is almost time for the upcoming Arcade Gacha season starting on the 1st September 2014 and for the first time in ages, I am actually really looking forward to this event. I am excited because  this season is jam-packed full of things for guys and smaller lil dudes too.  What is really exciting me most of all is that two participating creators are being extremely brave,  venturing off into nostalgic memories of retro sci-fi.  That’s right remember the Jetsons, Lost in Space and dare I say Barbarella , all of those iconic star hopping  notions from yesteryear.  It has not been since the September  2012  Arcade season, that anything  has been touched upon in this genre.

During the Sept 2012 Arcade season, Balaclava created the Box of Boyhood set. A collection that was very reminiscent of early 50’s and 60’s dream toys, that children would have loved had Santa been extraordinarily  good to them during that era. Out of that collection there were four things I really cherished, The Space Patrol Helmet and  The Type 1 and Type 2 rayguns, both of which were a typer A.O and the other a pose  / prop  item for  taking photographs and the the now most sought after Tinfoil hat.

The problem was that due to unforeseen RL developments, I had to take a while out of Second Life thus I missed out on that seasons Arcade. I lost the chance  to play the Balaclava machine and so when I returned, I found Balaclava retired the item (which was no bad idea).  The issues however was by the time I managed to track down the items I wanted, I was at the mercy of massive inflated prices on the gacha market. Even as far back as 4 months ago, a Balaclava Tinfoil hat would set you back around 14.000 linden dollars on  the gacha dealers market, which is a seriously massive amount for a hat.  In saying that the items are somewhat a bit of a Holy Grail for the serious collector and the jury is out among dealers and buyers to deem how much an item is worth.  So since 2012 I have been waiting for another retro sci-fi item to hit the machines and thankfully this season, there are not one but 2 retro sci-fi machines to dabble the spare Linden change at.

The first sets come from BOOM with a collection called Space Cadet, who have created a great little collection of ear attachments, retro style bubble helmets and the best in my opinion the PIYO PIYO, a really cool retro futuristic pistol that finishes off the look. You can find BOOM’s Gacha key card here through this link     Key Card Link –

What I like is it is geared to unisex so it is a safe machine to play, so you won’t have the problems of swapping your spares.

Another nice set comes from The Secret Store called Retro Space Set, who have created a collection that although is more geared to the girls than the boys, it is possibly worth investing a try for the rockets which are pretty fun looking items to have in any potential sci-fi cadets room.

I really dearly love these rockets but the fact the suits are for women does limit the machines for the guys to play openly, but for the girls you are so so lucky and to be honest the girls were well overdue a retro spacesuit . I would hope this machine is popular, as it might sway other creators to venture  into the future-retro scene.  That would literally be a blast.


In addition to these machines, here are some other machines that I personally feel are really nice items that cater more for the boys/ tomboys of the gacha crowd. The other great thing about This season’s Arcade is there are a plethora of post apocalyptic geared machines to play with some really cool items. My personal list are as follows.

Seven Emporium are one of my favorite creators, the attention to detail of the more distressed and dare i say “post apoc ” treatments to the creators items wins many likes time after time. All the items would look fantastic in any post- apoc related decor – from New Vegas gambling dens to old makeshift shacks .   I mean that future machine just looks rad and worth playing the machine alone.

Key card link –

Continuing on the post apoc theme, we have Epia, a creator that has a long line in very realistic militarist geared clothing and other items in its line-up.     They have created a very… very cool post apoc styled survivors collection, complete with a very awesome looking shack, bunkers, theater screen, mean looking burlap doll and something I have always wanted, a realistic mesh Geiger counter.   Epia really have thought of everything in this set, it really is a must have for anyone who was brought up on the old Fallout/ Wastelands games.

Key card link –

Other machines that might offer a chance for an item to complement the post apoc decor scene, might be the machine from Little Hopper, whose Japanese Tricycle (in particular the rust rare versions) would complement really well. The tin instruments are also very nice items to have to place somewhere as display eye candy, so might be worth checking out the swap groups for swapping those doubles for a missing item or two (Oh if only there were a swap group for us guys )  😛

Other participating creators that might also fit this theme come from Junk, who have created a set that would not look out of place in a scavengers shelter.

Lastly this set from DRD called Geekmania has a cybergothic edge that  has loads of potential for those in the cyber roleplaying community looking for very detailed items to compliment the look for dystopian tech crusaders. Key Card Link –


For the Kids.

Well to say we are pretty spoiled would be understated. This season is offering multiple machines for little hands to spend allowances like it’s going out of fashion. Zen Zarco from Boogers was gracious to pass me a set of his bears to blog, when I looked at them they really were so nicely made.  My particular favorite being the balloon bear as seen in the picture above. Out of all the bears there was never a more fitting bear to photograph, as this round of bears will be the last round ( for a while at least). So all the more reason to venture on that machine.

Intrigue Co have another round of plushies, this season collection called Imaginary Friends. My eye being on C’huck, I mean everyone  loves Cthulhu right?

Snips and Snails with a collection of retro style pedal cars –

For those with a more school based life, you cant go wrong with this very realistic school set from Sari Sari, that look exactly like  school equipment should , worn and used by generations of small learning minds.

AS well as this set from Milk Motion which has an equal charm of its own

Madpea are on a 80s/ 90s revival with their collection called Rewind and Play

Roost have also ventured into some nice looking playsets with a collection called Let’s Play. I really love those Robot Wardrobes 🙂

Key Card Link –


And there you have a pretty small countdown to the Gacha’s for the Boys and like minded Girls. Lets have a fun gacha, be dressed for the occasion ( less is more remember !!) . I will be especially interested in anyone creating a guy orientated swap group, give me a holler if you are brave enough to start one 🙂







Monsters and Angels

Send me an Angel



Better start finders list

Primus Cupid Bow

Greek Style Ruin Pillars from ‘The Looking Glass’ – Mick Inkpens store

Halo’s are from the very awesome  REMARKABLE  OBLIVION

White Shorts from Ardymesh

PFC~Elven quiver (white) – rare gacha prize from one of the machines at Pucca Firecaster’s Creations-

G.Inc Mesh hawk Wings (White)


Thanks go to Rwah

To Ravenstarr whose gothyness in her Flikr  gets me geared to break out slighty out of “kiddymode”

and of course Beau , for being a great model, buddy and snoozy monster.


Jordy’s Blabbing


I finally got back to taking some Flickr photos this week, missed it quite a bit but I find breaks are good away from Flickr. Talking of which I seriously have a few things to blog, including some nice Boogers stuff I will touch on later on somepoint. Been waiting to get into various gacha fairs and creator events, however the usual grind of full sims every day without letting up becomes a drag .  So I sit and wait patiently for a week or so until the madness dies down and look for other things that might take my interest. Hence finding the neat little quiver from Pucca Firecaster’s Creations, that was retrieved from a gacha machine  nestled with a pile of other gacha pulls from events past.

I kind of like the idea creators put out machines in stores for people to have a second try. I would hope some other stores follow this trend after gacha events have ended. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea that creators will discontinue and retire gacha prizes after an event is past, I have a full set of Ohmai spice jars and a few well prized balaclava tinfoil hats in my messy inventory.  I just like how anyone can have a second try of a machine that they may have missed on, especially now with so many gacha fairs appearing on the grid, it becomes impossible to invest into all.  But the main reason I like this idea is because I miss the initial madness that affects all of these fairs during the opening week.  There is never a time when a fair not full for a full week or so, bunged up to the limits almost 24/7 with little chances of getting an empty teleport  to nudge into. When you are lucky enough to get in, you spend the next 20 minutes wishing you never went in at all. Trying to rez 50 or more people even with a  good graphics card and memory can still be a strain. The reason is because some people are still not fully clued in that if everyone dressed basically, either become a tiny for the event or lower yourself to wearing texture clothing for an hour, means everyone will have a better experience of these fairs.  Rezzing a sim full of mesh geared avatars is not fun, so maybe next time be GPU friendly and dress down a bit. You will be amazed the difference it makes if everyone does the same.

Anyways… my 3 shopping favourites were as follows

1 – Remarkable Oblivion Halos – these nifty halos are the homemade halos you wish your parents had made you for your part in nativity plays, instead of the pokey wire clothes hanger and tatty tinsel they did hand to you.  They still have a homemade feel to them but also come with a sparse decoration of realistic fairy lights . Remarkable Oblivion have created some great hats over many gacha seasons and have some really cool looking items for sale.  Gacha items from past fairs are also dotted around the store in various locations.  It gets even better because the store has some nice group freebies to be had, such like the cupid arrows called Lovestruck ,that are nestled between my ears. Please note no brain was harmed during this shoot.

2- Ardymesh shorts. What I liked about these were that they fitted my mesh body well. What I also liked is they were plain in colour, with no frills or added patterns which allows me to wear them with pretty much anything. Lastly extra points are given because there is no gigantic logo on these shorts.   I really detest creator logos on apparel, it is not necessary and often spoil the look of clothing. I don’t believe one should be a walking advertisement anyway,  the clothing speaks for itself.  People do ask others where they get clothing, hair etc all the time and if they are polite, they will tell you. So extra points for no big brash logos.

3- Primus Cupid Bow –  At a whopping 600 linden $, these do not come cheap. They are  however well scripted, come with huds, have girl and boy versions, have draw and sheath options and even have little red heart particles popping out the quivers. My only gripe is that so far it seems the particles can not be deactivated, which stops me from giving it  two thumbs up. But it is a nice bow and if you are stuck for a Valentines Day / costume Party etc, then it’s a first stop to have an item that will cover the checklist you might need for a Cupid costume.


Yeah me as Cupid… don’t make me laugh, even that I can’t do without getting into some sort of trouble 😛